#BreakingBread2.0: What it is and how to get started

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Do you ever use platforms like facebook and twitter? Have you ever wanted to turn your social influence into cash? That's exactly what #BreakingBread2.0 does.
#BreakingBread2.0, our free affiliate program, pays you to promote CaliBakers to your friends, family, whomever. That's all there is to it...except we use slightly more advanced technology and pay on average 5 TIMES more commission than many much bigger companies like Amazon.
#BreakingBread2.0 is an invite only program. Beta testers must re-apply.  Also, don't forget to help spread the word about #BreakingBread2.0 and share this on facebook and twitter with all your friends and family.


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  • Shanillia Forbes on

    Can I feature some of your items in my subscription box called Blac-womyn if so can you email me @blacwomyn@gmail.com

  • Marcel on

    I have two facebook profiles with 5k and one with 28k followers i am so down to help.

  • Nakia on

    I would absolutely love to help

  • Gelon M on

    We would be happy to help you if you tell us how we can. Drop us a message at info@calibakers.com when you get a chance.


  • eshame on

    I would love to help u help me

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