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In the current climate, the need for black empowerment has never been greater. The revolution is here and we have seen a surge of support as a result.

We are proud to say we have done quite a bit with only a homemade screen press and hand-built screens. We struggled on beat-up, laggy computers to design artwork that would highlight our history in meaningful and powerful ways. We worked on top of each other in the smallest spaces in our apartments or houses to produce our shirts with our own hands. 

Often, our three-man team was just a one man team as the others had to return to their day jobs while the REAL job still needed to be done. Thanks to many all-nighters, and sometimes up-days-in-a-rows, we managed to get it done.

For the next three months, we will be raising funds for the capital to acquire the tools and resources necessary to grow our movement. Not only do we need quality equipment and a suitable workspace for our expanding operation, we need to hire black people who are interested in learning this trade and pay them a live-able wage ($15/hr minimum).

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